From a recent reader of this blog comes this:

Some colleagues of mine found this huge pile of foam rectangles on our loading dock and brought them up to our office. After walling off someone’s cube with them we build “Foamhenge” Complete with foam Druid sacrifice. (I though that you might appreciate that given your masthead)

Indeed. And I asked for a picture.

Here it is:


He also writes:

I forgot about Towlie (from South Park) Saying “If you’re going to have a sacrifice you’re going to need a towel.” As a side note our management made us take it down since it was right inside the wall from our viewing gallery and tours might get the wrong idea about our operations.

Indeed. The management might have thought you had become unhinged.

Anyway, I love the picture, and I appreciate the visit. So he receives an instant place on my blogroll. You can also find his blog here: G-Man.

By the way, he found my blog through looking for pies. But that’s another story for another day.




…is coming, and I will have a party for my son as usual.  But I promised him that I would scare the “shit out of” him (which he, in all his naivete as someone who has learned 98% of his English from me, repeats without the slightest idea of its mild obscenity.  (Which brings up a point about Germans:  everyone from small children to old grandmothers use the word “scheisse”—German for “shit”—quite freely.  Except maybe in church.)

Does anyone have any ideas for “scaring the shit” out of a seven year-old and two of his friends?

So far I’ve come up with the idea of a friend hiding in the attic, sending the boys up there not knowing it, and letting him do the job for me.

Ideas are welcome.



…is almost over, and I haven’t yet posted, though I promised myself AT LEAST one post per month during my job.

Which, as it happens, just ended today.  But I took a second teaching job—also ending at the end of this month—so I’ve really had no time for blogging.  After this Friday I will be unemployed again, and free to blog as much as I wish, and I plan to do that.

I’ve got a lot of material saved up, actually, so faithful readers can start stopping by regularly again starting next week, and I’ll have some more stuff for you to read.