This blog is ALIVE!

I haven’t been writing.  And I should.

I also had a good scare.  I got a new computer, and I’ve been moving things over from the old one to this one, and last night at about 3 AM I failed to log onto the blog after at least 20 attempts and five requests for a new password.  And I thought:  I’ve done it.  I’ve lost my blog.  I was negligent and haven’t posted since Halloween and now it’s gone.  Out of my hands.  Just sitting there in cyberspace like a gravestone.  I didn’t cry.  I just went to bed.

But now I tried one last time, and logged in successfully.  I don’t know what happened.  Maybe I was too drunk tired last night and I was doing something stupid.  Who knows.  It’s OK now.

I shall have to take this blog more seriously.