As long as I’m in a religious mood…part 2

OK, sorry for so many posts in one sitting. It’s more fun for my readers if something new comes every day, rather than several things at once. I suppose I could just save them and post them later to make it looking like I’m blogging regularly. But…nah!

My nastalgia for old time religion is not new, and about six months ago I lost at least four or five hours to this web site: Chick. Then I lost another hour or two fascinated by other web sites about Jack Chick. It would seem that there are quite a few collectors of original Chick tracts. There are also a number of Chick imitators. And it’s all available to anyone with an internet connect.

As are the tracts themselves. You see, the Chick people, unlike the Thief in the Night people, apparently aren’t concerned with making money saving people’s souls. They offer a stupendous number of tracts online, which you can either read to get saved yourself or print out to make your own tracts.

The most interesting thing is that the high regard for Jack Chick is not coming from Christians but from admirers of his style of art and presentation and storytelling. They are high kitsch—shock and awe cartoon evangelism—which is also highly original. (Which is why you can lose a couple of hours reading them.) Add in just more than a wee bit of goofy conspiracy theory stuff (read this, for example) and the nastalgia of having read them when you were a kid and you’ve got something of real cultural value, I think. I seriously doubt any of you will be angry at me if you click the link—unless it’s because you ended up losing a couple of hours of your time.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you.



As long as I’m in a religious mood…

…I might as well post a link to my favorite YouTube video of all time.

(Well, if you don’t count videos with the phrase “cheerleader panties” in the search criteria.)

Here it is:  Benny Hinn.

Now, regardless of what you believe, Benny Hinn is the most impressive faith healer I have ever seen.  (And I’ve seen a few, folks.  Watching televangelists has been one of my main hobbies my entire life long.  When I was a teenager I used to do an imitation of Earnest Angley that just killed everyone at parties.)  I mean, most require some kind of contact.  Even Earnest used to ask us to put our hands on the TV screen.  But Benny Hinn just waves his hand and entire rows of people fall.  Sometimes (not in the above clip, I’m sorry to say) he completely surprises people, too.  He suddenly turns around and waves his hand and the person just falls like they’re made of jello, and they weren’t even expecting to be next.

And while I don’t really think it’s God doing the knocking over, I also do not believe it’s faked by people.  Benny Hinn waves his hand, and people—even entire rows of people—just black out.

He also does it with incredible style.  He switches between Gandolph and Bruce Lee, one time flicking his arm like a magic staff and the next time sweeping his arm forward in a kung fu move.  He shows great footwork, too.

Benny Hinn is simply the best at what he does since the invention of television.

It’s a power I neither envy nor admire, but I do respect it.

As for the video, it’s just one of the coolest ideas anyone ever had.  I’ve watched it at least 20 times or more.



Buffalo buffalo

I ran into this today:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

is a grammatical correct  English sentence.  Think about it first.  If you don’t get it you can look up “buffalo” in a dictionary.  If you still don’t get it there is a Wikipedia entry here:  buffalo.

Don’t say I never told you anything useful.


A thief in the night…

…will take $22.95.

Today I showed a film to one of my classes. I showed “Hometown Legend”, a current example of “Christian” cinema. The new style Christian cinema is to make a family film rather than one that evangelizes. So “Hometown Legend” is just a nice story. (They even throw in a couple of naughty words to throw us off track—you know, to fool us into thinking it’s not a Christian film at all.)

It lacks balls.

Well, there are footballs…but you know what I mean.

(Well, actually, there is a scene about balls–it’s one of those “throw us off track” scenes.  And they don’t say “balls”, because that would be too vulgar.  They say “nuts”.  But I don’t want to ruin the movie for you.)

Back in the day, Christian films were slap you in the face until you accept Jesus as your savior kind of films. And the best of the best was “A thief in the Night”. What a film!

So I on my way home I got to thinking, hey: these days it’s probably on YouTube, or at least somewhere on the internet. I’ll watch it tonight for some warm and fuzzy memories.

But when I looked for it, I found this: A thief in the night.

Let’s get something straight here: I have absolutely nothing against making money. And I suppose twenty bucks for a “tool” to convert people quickly and efficiently is a bargain of sorts. But you’d think they might consider saving people for even less. I mean, I’d buy the film at Walmart for $5.99. Wouldn’t you? But I ain’t gonna cough over $74.95 to get the Thief in the Night COLLECTION. Well, not today anyway. Might change my mind, I suppose.

I still might find it online. Someone out there must believe that saving people’s souls is worth a copyright violation. If I find it I’ll post a link.



Well, I guess I should have googled before writing the above post, but I’ll let it stand. Google found the movie and listed it on the third or fourth link or so. You can watch the movie (in poor quality) here: Thief. If I find it in better quality, I’ll post it again. (Now if Icould just find all the old Jamie Summers movies for free….) I also found an excellent review of the film, here: Thief. And just to top off (or bottom off?) this post, here’s a youtube video which uses the original Larry Norman version of “I wish we’d all been ready” here: wish.