The decline and fall of MTV

When did MTV become so uncool?

I remember the first time I ever heard of MTV.  I was an intern in Washington D.C. (this would have been 1983, I think) and some young attractive non-intern women asked me and a friend if we wanted to come over to their place and watch videos.  Aside from the obvious answer to the invitation, it was unusual because we didn’t know what MTV was (neither of us had cable).

And it seemed pretty cool to us.  Maybe that’s because we were so young.  But maybe not.

So today I’m reading the local headlines, and Germany is pretty excited because Tokio Hotel won some kind of award.  And I thought, “Hey…but they are so uncool!”

And I go over to MTV’s website and see this list:

BRITNEY won at least three awards, including BEST OVERALL VIDEO.  Pussycat Dolls won something.  And there it is:  Tokio Hotel wins best new artist.

How shameful.

Now, I haven’t watched MTV for at least 15 or 20 years, so I got to wondering:  when did it become so uncool?  I remember it getting pretty uncool back when it started introducing too much non-video stuff.  But maybe it was already uncool.

Maybe it was just a matter of taste all along.  Maybe that Whitesnake video with Tawny Kitaen was uncool.  (So why did I watch hour after hour hoping to see it again?)

The last time I saw MTV was back in November of 2006, on the day of my Gettysburg fiasco.  I watched maybe three videos and turned channels.  One of the videos I saw was a Britney Spears video where at the end she was on her knees in a black box wearing black panties and doing hip thrusts, and I thought, “WHOA!  That’s just obscene!”  Tawney Kitaen she was not.  It wasn’t erotic; it was vulgar.

Back to Tokio Hotel and the recent MTV awards:  MTV should be cancelled.  It has run its course.  The internet has replaced it as a video outlet, and it was never good for anything else anyway.

Is there some way we can declare it dead?  A petition or something?