I’m in love

OK, it’s strange to post something like this.  But I feel compelled to do it.  I’m in love.  I feel the need to “out” myself.

Go back six months or so.  I felt lonely, depressed, desperate.

I did something very, very, very, very strange for me.  (Can I insert another “very” and still pass the Strunk and White test?)  I signed up to an online dating service.  It made me feel like I was out of my mind.  But in my despair, I did it.

Within the first few days, I realized it was a stupid decision.  I simply couldn’t relate to all the “is he the right one?” messages that people were posting, and I myself had only received two or three messages of interest.  Or non-interest, if we want to be precise.

OK, let’s be precise.  I got three messages.  One from a woman who said, “you sound nice, but you are too far away.”  Another from a woman who said, “I’m too pretty for you.”  And a third just sent me sexy pictures.

I wrote back to the woman who said I was nice but too far away.

She wrote back.  I wrote back.  She wrote back.  I wrote back.  I suggested we meet.  We met.  We loved.

And we have been loving ever since.








4 comments on “I’m in love

  1. cravensworld says:

    fantastic! Very happy for you

  2. It is all about taking that risk. Well done my friend.

  3. Syndi says:

    Nice to read something happy for a change!

  4. Jack Thomas says:

    Jeff…old buddy…I remember this, but not as vividly as you. I wanted Saucony because that was what that runner from New Zealand was endorsing at the time. Forgot his name. By the way, I have a shot glass from the 1982 World’s Fair on the shelf in my garage. For the life of me…I can’t remember how I came by it. Hope all is well.

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